An Album 20 Years in the Making...



More than 20 years ago, Ted Allen holed himself up in a soundproof room with a piano and some vague melodic ideas. Since then, he has devoted himself to honing his craft and writing songs with catchy melodies and smart, fun lyrics. 

HOLD THE APPLAUSE, Ted's first album of pop and rock music, is the result. 

From the driving guitars and drums of "Valentine's Day Massacre" and the ukulele-fueled pop of "Shallow Water" to the Latin-tinged duet "Make Every Kiss Count" and the orchestral sweep of "Trapeze,"every song packs a punch. Inspired by his musical idols Billy Joel, Elvis Costello, Sting, Squeeze, and the Beatles, as well as recent additions Gotye, Foster the People, Gabe Dixon, Sara Bareilles, and Ben Folds, Ted has crafted an album of songs that will grab you from the first moments, and also reward repeated listenings. 

HOLD THE APPLAUSE was recorded by the talented musicians at Nashville Demo Studios, and their skill and dedication really shine through. Check out the amazing vocals on tunes such as
"Not A Dry Eye In The House," the fiery trumpet on "
Don't Let Her Get Away" and the sweeping coda of "The Great Beyond."

And then, if you can, just...
Hold The Applause


Nothing To See Here is Ted Allen's first album. Recorded by the outstanding musicians at Song Cellar studios in Nashville, the songs blend catchy melodies with the raw emotion and clever wordplay that are the hallmarks of country music.

The album flirts with various styles, from straight-ahead rockers like "Hell Or High Water" and the title track to the harmonica-driven swagger of "Ain't Enough Whiskey (Going, Going, Gone)" to the poppy "Don't Touch My Heart" and "You Break It, You Bought It". "Her Heart Is In The Right Place" boasts a Beatles-inspired groove while "Down Easy" and "Last" evoke the lush harmonies of the Eagles and Rascal Flatts and the heart-on-sleeve vulnerability of Kenny Chesney.

Fourteen songs of hope and despair, love and lust, heartache, heartbreak, and other affairs of the heart: There's 
Nothing To See Here....


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Ted Allen: Nothing To See Here